Tom Petty’s Greatest Hits Live is Canada’s premier Tom Petty Show. The Band plays theater and festival venue shows with 2 x 45 min sets plus an encore, or a 90 min full length show.


The goal of this act is to be the closest thing to seeing a real Tom Petty concert.


With dynamic sets of songs and careful attention to proper instrumentation and sounds, TPGHL recreates the music of a Tom Petty concert experience like no other.


The band members are well seasoned professional musicians, that have performed for approximately 30 years per member in just about every type of scenario you can imagine.


With an incredibly authentic and devoted approach to the best of Tom Petty’s repertoire, TPGHL will have you dancing in the aisles and singing your heart out!


Come experience TPGHL at a venue near you. You WON’T be disappointed!




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